It is difficult to control yourself from eating when you are hungry especially at night, but there are many food items you should reconsider before eating.


white rice is one of the worst food to eat before bed , because like whole milk it metabolizes as sugar, but it also fill your body with harmful carbs, which as you probably know, are one of the biggest reason for weight gain. For those people who are eating diet high in other carbohydrates and low in minerals, white rice  is definitely a big no no.


food that is high in protein such as steak and lamb digest much slower than vegetables and fresh fruits . As you are prepares yourself to go into sleep mode, your body will be working hard to digest all that protein. Red meat also contains an amino acid called tyrosine, which triggers brain activity. So not only will your stomach be active, but your brain will be active too, which means that your sleep will be delayed.


we all want to order a pizza and watch a action movie, but this combo is making your stomach do alot of action as well to digest. Pizza is loaded with bad carbs and saturated fat, and when you eat it at night, it will just spike up your blood sugar and increase the fat in your blood, which you will have to burn away in the morning.


Sweet, fatty desserts like cakes are digested at a much slower rate than other foods. So you need to control on this sugary snacks before bed to ensure a good night’s sleep, because a slice of cake has very high amounts of calories, fat, sugar and sodium which is difficult to digest at night.

5. Alcohol

Yes, it’s not actually a food, but is definitely an important one and it is a part of many individuals daily routine. You might think that alcohol will give you a good night sleep but in fact, it has a dehydrating effect on the body. This lack of water will slow down all the good restorative work your body would otherwise do while you’re asleep. If you must have an occasional drink before bed, ensure you’re drinking plenty of water too.