There is no greater sin than being a Mumbaikar and not tasting street food…So this weekend I decided to delight my taste buds with all the variety of street foods available. But my best experience was of Dabeli.The Dabeli originated in Kutch region of Gujrat .The wordly meaning of Dabeli in Gujrati means “ pressed” and refers to potatoes pressed between buns.

The dish originated in Mandva city of Kutch Region of Gujrat by Kesha Malam in 1960’s .His shop is still carried on by the future generations and is said to have most authentic  Dabeli spices.Although I did not got the opportunity to taste the Dabeli of Mandva  , but the one I tasted was very close to the original taste . I had a munch of this heavenly and spicy treat at .

Like a true food lover I first analysed the dish and observed that it is basically sum what  Indian version of Burger.It comprises of a bun  filled with spicy ,tangy and sweet potato filling.The dish is spicy due to the hot weather of Kutch which makes it easier to digest chilly.It is then topped with pomegranate,onions ,chillies ,onions , sev and coriander. Accompanied with sweet and sour chutney ,it immediately activates the taste buds and gives a very refreshing flavor.

The shop where I tasted served mainly three flavors –Plain ,Amul and Cheese , all of them at very pocket friendly prices ranging from rupees 20 to rupees 35. And keeping the Demonetization in mind Paytm is also accepted.

This was my first time for this dish but certainly not the last time .Very easy going on pockets ,this dish serves as a perfect evening snack for spice loving people  is oil free as well .The taste lingers in the mouth for long .Easy  to prepare at home it is a great idea for lunch boxes of school going kids.For all the people who want to spice up their weekend ,this dish is a must try.

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