Well people its another fun filled day in Goa and this travelling experience has left me speechless but has turned me into a  storyteller. So after a long sun kissed day at the beach we decided to explore Goa  like locals and our next target was De Candolim Deck Restaurant ,Candolim.

This place is a very lively and located on the main road near Candolim Beach.  It has a very positive ambience and the live music adds to the soothing environment.The place is  perfect to get the essence of the local flavors of Goa.






The restaurant has a bar as well as a main area seating arrangement with a capacity of around 80 people .It does not provide any take home facility or catering service and mainly serves North Indian ,Continental and goan dishes.Coming to Goa and not tasting sea food would have left the fishes heartbroke.

So the first dish we ordered was TOM YUM NON -VEGETARIAN SOUP.This  soup  has its origin in Thailand with shrimp as its core ingredient.This soup is characterized by its distinct hot and sour flavors with fragrant spices and herbs .The basic broth is of stock and fresh ingredients like lemon grass, tomato,lime kafir, crushed peppers.Coconut milk was also added to give a goan tinge.

The next dish on our table was TUNNO PIZZA. Now you all must be wondering that why did we order pizza  here, that also when we had an intention of getting goan flavors. The only reason was that all the tables in this restaurant had pizza as atleast one of their course. TUNNO PIZZA comprises of Tuna ,basil,cheese ,tomatoes as its core ingredients.Tuna is a migratory fish found on the deep waters of Goa coast. The tuna pizza had a very basic juicy flavor of tuna with a spicy tinge of basil, red chillies, tomatoes topped with excessive parmesian cheese. The spicy flavor added to the dish as the fish does not have any flavor of its own. It is a regular pizza with four slices which was quite heavy and a dream come true for a sea food lover  like me.

My dream can be someone’s nightmare like my vegetarian friends who had a disgusted look while I munched this. So they ordered PIZZA ARABIATTA. Arabiatta is an Italian sauce made from garlic, tomatoes and red chilly peppers cooked in olive oil. The word Arabiatta mean angry in Italian which personifies the flavor of this extra spicy sauce. Parsely, Basil and Oregano are modified flavors of this sauce.The pizza mainly comprised of diced tomatoes ,capsicum,peppers and was overloaded with cheese. An awesome treat for all my vegetarian friends and one pizza is sufficient for a single person.

The reason why it stands out from other restaurants is its attractive ambiance,location and the food which was exquisite. Apart from that ,this place is very pocket friendly. But even the best of the places have some scope  for  improvement and this place is no different. The service quality is not up to the expectation level.The service is slow and the staff is not much aware about the menu but still is a must visit for all food lovers who want to spend quality time with their family or friends.


FOOD – 8/10


SERVICE – 5/ 10

LOCATION – 8/ 10

PRICE – 7/10

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