A ship is safest in the harbor… but that’s not ships are built for…..especially if it’s the Valentine week. So instead regretting being single this valentine’s week I decided to pamper myself and sail my ship to GOAAAAA…. The ultimate vacation destination………. I strongly believe that Beach therapy is the best therapy……and if accompanied by awesome food. its absolute dreamland. Well I spent five days in Goa. So this segment of the blog will be the Love week special.. My first food destination was – Fisherman’s Cove , Candolim Goa.

Situated in one of the busiest area of Goa, this restaurant is perfect place to get the “Goa vibes” as it gives a Shack feeling.The live music further adds to the woody ambiance  and dim lights which takes you away from hustle and bustle of monotonous life. It provides seating arrangement for around 100 people. Now coming to the Khanaaaa …. The menu is divided into two parts the Bar menu and the Food menu .We decided to go for a British starter and ordered Prawn and Fish and chips. The prawns were enough for a single serving and were succulent and juicy with a crispy texture.

Fish and chips served with mayo was very light on the Palette .Honestly speaking my stomach was full ,but my heart wasn’t ,So next dish we ordered was both Veg and Non Veg Sizzler….Sadly the sizzler failed to sizzle me as it was  not spicy and less salty and did not match my expectation level.  Giving a break to my disappointment, we then ordered Hot and sour soup and Mushroom Xacuti rice which comprised of button mushroom served in coconut flavored curry with rice. The gravy was medium spicy served with plain steamed rice.

This dish originated in Goa and consists of poppy seeds, grated coconut, large dried chilies and kokum as its main ingredients. Lambs and chicken can also be used in place of mushroom. Tamarind gives a tangy flavor to the dish.. This dish was quite a relief after the under spicy sizzler as it was spicy thus revived the taste buds. The hot and sour soup was also flavorsome and worth a try But as you say ,no matter how much the bus is occupied  there is always space for conductor… same is the case is with my stomach which always has space for shakes and smoothies..

So lastly I ordered Beri beri smoothie. which was very much required to calm down my taste buds. This smoothie is naturally creamy and sweet and gives a frosty flavor. Not only this it is also punched with nutrients which was much needed after such a heavy lunch. The only problem with the restaurant is the service as they strictly believe in ATITHI DEVO BHAVA and pay more attention to the foreign tourists. But with such great food this restaurant is worth a try for all Goa visitors.

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