SUMMER IS THE SEASON WHERE HAIR GETS LIGHTER, SKIN GETS DARKER,WATER GETS WARMER, DRINKS GET COLDER,MUSIC GETS LOUDER ,NIGHTS GET LONGER AND LIFE GETS BETTER. So friends here I am to make your lives better by suggesting some food items for this sultry sun kissed  summer -:

  • WATERMELON-Our skin loses most of its water content in summer. Watermelon is an excellent hydrating agent which acts as an antioxidant as well. Comprising of 92% of water and Vitamin A it is good for skin and bodily tissues as well it prevents dehydration. It is also high on fiber content that helps in easy digestion of food and supplements the daily dose of Vitamin C as well. And the best part about it is that they taste delicious .So please do not miss a chance to eat watermelon this summers.

  • CUCUMBER-Another ingredient that is very healthy and easily available is cucumber. Cucumber comprise of around 95% water. As it contains potassium it is very good for heart as well. It also has anti-ageing properties and anti –inflammatory ingredients.
  • It is also controlling element for high blood pressure and a pain reliever. A recent study also shows that it has cancer preventing agents. So girls should especially keep a watch on cucumber.

  • CURD-Curd has been used as a coolant since ancient times in our homes .Curd can be eaten in various variants. It can be mixed with sugar or salt, can be mixed with fruits or veggies and can be served .
  • Curd is the best homemade remedy for stomach upset and keep the stomach cool. It improves immunity and serves as an energy booster. It acts as a tress buster and rich in calcium and increases the absorption of vitamins in the body.

  • MINT-The very smell of mint is very refreshing. It soothes the stomach and releases enzymes, which eases the digestion process. It also acts as a pain reliever and also relieves cold and cough. Mint also helps to relieve menstrual cramps and helps to conquer stress and depression.

  • COCONUT WATER, it is an ideal drink as it is low on calories and easy on stomach. It is also loaded with ample of minerals like potassium ,prevents kidney stone and acts as a detoxifies.
  • It also acts as a remedy to diabetes ,provides instant energy and lowers blood pressure.
  • Acts as a treatment for hypothyroidism and prevents skin tan. Last but not the least, it cures dandruff and helps to cure acne.