Diabetes also  known as the SILENT KILLER has affected around 69.2 million people in India as per 2015 data of  the world health report. This is expected to increase exponentially in the future. Diabetes is of Type 1 and Type 2 variety. Type 1 is caused  when the body is unable to produce sufficient quantity of insulin, whereas type 2 is caused due to various factors including lifestyle.  As most of the people suffering from diabetes belong to lower and lower middle class category. So it is difficult for them to afford the treatment.  Today I am going to tell you about easily available natural remedies for diabetes control because it is always said ‘PRECAUTION IS BETTER THAN CURE’.They are as follows-:

  • BITTER GOURD- It is the most effective medicine for diabetes. Its juice should be consumed early in the morning empty stomach around 2-3 tablespoon because BAD TASTE IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN BAD HEALTH. It is rich in polypeptide which is a type of plant insulin and has identical properties as that of insulin thus helps in lowering blood sugar levels.

  • FENUGREEK SEEDS-The next most easily available ingredient is FENUGREEK OR METHI. These contain fiber and other chemicals that lowers the absorption rate of carbohydrates and sugar in the blood. They also improve the manner in which body utilizes sugar and increases the amount of insulin released.

  • AMLA – Amla is the universal remedy for most of diseases. Diabetes is also one of them. It decreases the blood sugar level and increases insulin production.It also prevents the effect of diabetes on eyes. Presence of chromium in amla is of therapeutic use in diabetes control.

  • GREEN TEA-This possess the same quality to regulate blood sugar as that of insulin. It also contains poly-phenol and hypo glycmeic compound that controls the release of blood sugar in the body. So green tea has two in one benefits. watch out girls.

  • BASIL – Basil/Tulsi is rightly worshipped in our society as it provides ample of medicines. One of it is for diabetes control. Basil is packed with antioxidants which help the pancreatic beta cells to function properly and increase sensitivity to insulin.