Good hairs can make you feel that you can rule the world. Hair fall in life is as mundane as eating  or sleeping. Falling of 100 hairs is biologically normal , but  every falling strand makes one more tensed  and suspicious about hair fall. As summers  are a much dreaded season for hair fall here I am to provide some useful tips to reduce hair fall in 30 days.



Although the hairs are extremely sweaty in this weather, but using shampoos daily may devoid  the hairs of their natural oil which are necessary for healthy scalp. So shampoos are to be used, but every alternate day or maybe three times a week .


Aloe vera can be extremely useful in reducing hair fall and also nourishing the hairs. It provides nourishment to dry and irritating scalp. It has an element called proteolytic enzymes that helps in repair of dead skin cells of scalp and also conditions the hairs. Aloevera gel can be applied directly on scalp few hours or  the night before shampoo. Then wash hairs with lukewarm water the next  It also helps to reduce dandruff and curtail hair fall. For best results use aloe vera thrice a week and wash off with lukewarm water


Oil is the most important component of hair nutrition. It doesn’t only nourish the hair, but also helps to retain that nourishment. Applying  heated coconut oil  at night before hair wash helps to reduce hair fall.


Other than this jojoba oil, mustard oil, olive oil, almond oil can also be used. Coconut oil has a cooling effect on the  scalp . It penetrates the hair and protects it from environmental impurities. Antioxidants , Vitamin E, Vitamin K and Iron present in it helps to reduce hair fall and promotes regrowth

  • AMLA

Amla oil contains fatty acids, which strengthens hair follicles and provides luster to the hair. The vitamin C present in it prevents premature graying and also conditions the hair. It also stimulates hair growth owing to its high iron content and carotene present in it. Massaging hairs with heated amla oil mixed with heated coconut oil for 30 minutes before hair wash for at least once a week helps to reduce hair fall to a great extent.




Rubbing slices of onion or applying onion juice on areas where there is no hair growth is a very effective remedy for hair regrowth as well as preventing hair fall. Apply onion juice evenly throughout your scalp 20 minutes before hair was and then shampoo your hairs. Repeat this process once in every week for best results.


Applying of sour curd not only provides smooth hairs but also reduces hair fall to a great extent . One can make a mask of  sour curd and honey and can apply it evenly on hairs for 30 mins and then wash it off or only sour curd can also be applied and washed off with plenty of water and shampoo.  The curd has both antibacterial and moisturizing properties. For best results apply on the tips of hairs and hair length once a week.


This is very useful in controlling hair fall and along with this it also gives manageable hairs. It is not applied directly, but mixed with one part of water . Keep this mixture in a spray bottle and spray it evenly on the hairs and scalp . Wash it after 5 to 10 minutes of application with a mild cleanser. It balances the hair pH and sebum pH and has antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It also detangles the hair and reduces frizz. Along with this it stimulates hair growth by improving the blood circulation and prevents split ends and breakage. For best results, repeat this process after every hair wash.

  • TEA

Tea is rich in tannic acid ,which helps to reduce hair loss and control any scalp infection. Prepare a strong tea decoction by boiling 3 teaspoons of tea in one cup of water and straining the liquid. Squeeze one lemon in it and apply this mixture after shampoo. Rinse it ,then with water and do not use shampoo after applying this water. For best results, use after every shampoo.


10 WAYS TO REDUCE HAIRFALLA healthy diet is a must for reducing hair fall. A diet rich in proteins , iron ,fatty acids , calcium is an absolute mandate to reduce hair loss. Eating lots of green vegetables , fruits ,having a proper sleeping schedule and reducing stress is very important to reduce hair fall.

  • EGGS

EGG WHITE is very rich in proteins, folic acid and vitamin B-9 which are very essential component of hair growth. It provides deep nourishment to the hair and also contains lecithin which keeps the scalp in good state. It also seals the moisture in the hairs and cures hair thinning. Mix one egg with two teaspoons of yoghurt and a teaspoon of honey. Apply this pack on the hairs and keep it for about an hour. Then wash it with cold water and then with shampoo to get rid of smell of eggs . Use this mask once a week to prevent hairloss and promote regrowth