I like food,i like eating and i do not want to deprive myself of good food. with this very thought in my mind i visited my next food destination Shalimar Restaurant , Andheri West Mumbai. The restaurant was started in the 1970’s and is around for four decades. Started as a small food joint which served faloodas and juices by Late Zainuddin Sheikh , it now has four outlets both restaurant and take away as well as catering services all over Mumbai.The restaurant is famous for using its own special spices as well as keeping a check on livestock quality.Another striking feature is that the prices of the dishes is very less as compared to its competitors which makes it a landmark for multi cuisine in Mumbai.

This restaurant is very popular for Mughlai cuisines. Mughlai cuisine was first developed in India as a combination of existing Persian and Indian cuisine.With the passage of time various other ingredients like -yoghurt, chilies, papayas, rice grains , cashews etc also found there place in this cuisine.

So without any further delay the first dish which I ordered was – Chicken Shalimar Charbaugh, which is the specialty of this restaurant with butter naan.This dish mainly consists of chicken pieces marinated and cooked in a spicy onion gravy .The use of tomatoes in the dish gives a very tangy flavor to it.The taste of the dish perfectly reflects the use of home made spices ,and the chilly flavor makes it irresistible. The most attracting feature about the dish is the smokey flavor of the dish because of it being cooked on a charcoal sigri.The gravy melts in the mouth giving a perfect mughal effect. Paired up with delicate creamy naans and accompanied by lemon ,onions and green chutney ,the dish is a perfect lunch for a lazy weekend afternoon.

But no lunch is complete without a dessert. So the next dish i ordered was Caramel Custard.Caramel Custard is a french dessert. It is a traditional sweet of creamy caramel over silky custard.This custard is steamed , vanilla tinged and comprises of egg and milk as its core ingredients.

A single serving of this dessert is suitable for one person only. The dish is not very sweet but the taste still lingers in the mouth for long. A must try for a sweet toothed person

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