Someone has rightly said – ‘STREET FOOD IS THE SALVATION OF HUMAN RACE’. So no matter on whichever place I am on earth , I cannot leave a chance to experience this salvation and Goa is no different. My joy knew no bounds as soon as I located numerous fast food joints  just outside the Calangute Beach spread. Calangute Beach is the largest beach in North Goa and is visited by thousands of tourists during the peak season. The beach also offers various water sports activities like parasailing is and water skiing among the others.

While I was walking off the beach , I located this entire lane of fast food joints .My eyes were set on the panipuri stall . Being a girl I could not control myself and decided to give it a try and I had no regrets for trying it.  The puris were made of semolina instead of flour  which made it more crispier and healthier . The filling was of potatoes mixed with chickpeas and was  very spicy  with a flavor of tamarind in it .The  water for a change had mint as its core ingredient along with tamarind ,coriander leaves  ,ginger , green chilies ,cumin seeds ,black salt and with dried mango pulp. The mint gave a very refreshing flavor  along with tangy and spicy flavor of the tamarind and chilly.

Next on the list was PAV BHAJI. Being adjacent to Maharastra ,Pav bhaji a popular delicacy in this region. Again, this dish was an absolute delight to my taste buds. The bhaji was a perfect combination of spices and flavors .It had mashed potatoes as its core ingredient . Along with it , it also comprised of cauliflower, peas , brinjal , pumpkin and various other vegetables. They had their special mix of spices  to add to the flavor . The bhaji was delicious with the tomato adding to both color and flavor and could give tough competition to any five star hotel.



A person like me could never make the non veg feel ignored, so my next  dish was Tandoori Chicken.  To my astonishment ,it was one of the best I have ever had. The chicken was perfectly marinated, The marination had curd , chilly , lemon and other spices in perfect proportion.

The chicken was very succulent and juicy in the inner layers. After eating so much of spices , I needed to calm my taste-buds , so I took a nariyal paani , which is very soothing and a must after spicy food.

There were various other joints as well but my stomach was full although my heart was not. But without any regrets , I  can say that Goa has never failed to surprise me , neither did it this time. So these fast food joints are must for all those tourists  who want a break from seafood.

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